Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

EDIMAR Solutions specializes in deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. We provide comprehensive consulting and implementation services in the field of customer relationship Management (CRM) systems. Our consultants have extensive experience in the areas of automation of sales, marketing and Enterprise ERP systems. We focus on deployments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM implemented in a customer-designed manner where we use industry-specific processes.

Wdrożenie w środowisku międzynarodowym
Mniejsze dostosowanie pojedynczego procesu
Wdrożenie bez większych zmian

We make CRM implementations for many actors, including in the international environment, which results in the introduction of many management processes in the organisation and is a laborious effort. For smaller organizations, these can also be deployments with a single process modification to streamline a specific end-to-end process. EDIMAR Solutions All its implementations are performed with an experienced team which allows for ongoing discussions with the client, how to solve the problem of implementation of the strategy and CRM system in selected areas of the organization.  

Industries in which we have implemented CRM deployments

EDIMAR Solutions employs experienced programmers who have experience in building business platforms based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM for many industries. Nevertheless, it is essential for our experts to model processes in such a way as to optimise the business processes of our customers using specific knowledge. Poniże, we present the areas in which we successfully implemented the projects implementing Dynamics 365 CRM in the following branches:


Bankowość i Finanse
Sprzedaż i Dytrybucja


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