The project management System is a Microsoft-based solution with the ability to access the Web browser, thus we have the opportunity to work on the project from any location. The System is configurable on the client’s server or cloud solutions.

Project Management System

Project Management System

Today’s businesses are increasingly organizing work in design form – including People’s staffs, allocating tasks and overseeing progress. The aim of the project is its successful closure within a specified period and the satisfaction of the final recipient. Our project management system integrates all design work elements and provides a platform for managing multiple projects. It covers both the planning, implementation and control and settlement phases of projects. It is also highly flexible and has many useful features. It is a solution to the modern business needs.

Comprehensive project Management

Overview of the entire project portfolio. We can also add new projects and edit existing ones. The project overview contributes to higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Gantt Chart-Project management System

Continuous monitoring and preview of previously performed tasks with the possibility of filtering according to the criteria given. Graphical representation of the project-Gantt charts, critical path, and plan versus execution. Set the entire project and the current modification (panning, adding tasks).

Task Planning and execution

You can add any number of tasks with the ability to assign artists. You can create a task execution plan that includes the task hierarchy (WBS), Cost and task execution, required task deadlines, and close the entire project, status, and priorities. About overdue tasks are similar to numerous alerts.

Manage available resources

Human capital Management-assign people to projects with appropriate permissions for users. Manage available tools, materials. Monitor and control utilization of available resources.

Integration with other modules

The project management System integrates with other modules. The budget module supports the financial aspect of project management, it is also possible to integrate with the cost invoice object and to settle the implementation of budgets in projects.

Risk Management

The ability to define and manage project-influenced risks. The risk management process includes identification and analysis of project risks, response plan, risk tracking and control. The Portal bases all these elements on a risk matrix, made up of multiple projects or to a specific single project. This affects the quality and relevance of business decisions and the success of the project.
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