SAGE X3Sage X3 is a modern solution to support work in medium and large enterprises

SAGE X3 is a system that is an intuitive solution that greatly enhances the performance of your business. It performs forecasting and efficiently manages the company. With extensive functionalities, we have many additional solutions available and łw a simple way to adapt to the work of a multinational environment. This is why Sage X3 is a software that can be easily adapted to the requirements of your business.

Szybkość działania

Our system will accelerate the work of your business — from the company’s sourcing process to the production, storage of goods, sales of finished products, customer service and financial management — while It will provide you with fitter insight into the costs and performance of every step on a global scale.


Elastyczne rozwiązanie

The solution offers flexible configuration options and applications to support industry processes and can operate from the cloud (in which case it is administered by Sage) or the data center of your company, giving you total control over The company’s IT strategy.

Prosty interfejs

The System adapts to the unique role, preferences and workflow of the user, providing secure access to the necessary data through the cloud or mobile devices, while simplifying the management of your company’s software infrastructure — All through a single, consistent app package.

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