SAGE X3-The international solution already in Poland!

ERP SAGE X3-World structure in Polish edition

ERP Sage X3

During discussions with current ERP customers, ERP  SAGE X3 confirmed that the solution is becoming more integrated with the Polish tax system. The implementation of the solution dramatically improves the efficiency of work and can provide users with full access to zagregowayych and secure data primarily when needed.

System_ERP_SAGE_X3The System allows you to benefit from resources both in the Office as well as on mobile devices. In addition, as part of standard functionality, the client receives a fully compatible solution operating in many environments including MasOSX and MS Windows. The technology allows for individual adjustment of X3 product to customer requirements.

ERP is a multibrewing solution that allows you to reduce costs and increase your company’s revenue. Customers who have deployed the SAGE X3 solution according to the claim that this is not only a local solution, but primarily a global solution.

SAGE X3 is designed as an international solution that supports various legal regulations as well as currencies and languages. Each installation is prepared for local regulations and legal requirements.

EDIMAR Solutions has extensive experience in implementing the additional functionalities of the SAGE X3 system. Experienced consultants support customers with their practical and substantive knowledge. EDIMAR Solutions customers receive valuable guidance to enable a wide-ranging view in the management of distribution, production, as well as all other related processes involving multidimensional data analysis. By deciding to cooperate, you receive a package of best practices covering all areas of your business.

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